What we have so far achieved is an incentive as well as an obligation. Our market strategy reflects our corporate strategy.

Focus on individual client needs

We focus on maintaining a continuing client relationship. Our work does not serve as an end in and of itself. We are here to help our clients in whatever capacity they require.


An isolated approach often leads to an unintentional result, and as strong generalists we stress integrated problem solving.

Expert knowledge and further education

We continuously broaden our wealth of knowledge to encompass the newest industry and regulatory developments. Further education is a matter of course.

Quality and professionalism

We comply with the stringent rules of our profession. We are committed to quality assurance as well as professionalism.

Price / service

Our efficient structure and operational procedures enable us to offer our clients an excellent cost/benefit solution.

Integrity and trust

Integrity and adherence to ethical values are a top priority. That, together with our capabilities, enables our clients to have full confidence in us.


Independence, and in particular financial independence, is a philosophy we maintain even if the continuation of mandate is in jeopardy.

Company size

In the mid-term we intend to keep a manageable size. In the interest of optimum customer service we are selective with the amount of mandates we take on.

Technical assistance

Thanks to our modern information structure we are able to rationally meet all requirements. Our reports are informative and are intended to help our clients to manage their business.